How Food Sensitivity Testing Can Fix Your Acne - Test Your Intolerance

From teenage years to adulthood, acne bothers quite a lot of people in varying degrees. There are all sorts of topical products, as well as oral medications that are said to help clear it up. Without question, these can help with stubborn outbreaks and skin healing, but what about the underlying cause? Sebum regulation is certainly a common problem — especially in teenage years — but it’s possible that your acne may actually be irritated (and even caused) by food sensitivities you aren’t aware of. Therefore, the cure is food sensitivity testing.

What food sensitivity testing offers

There are a lot of perks that food sensitivity testing offers, of course, but learning how it applies specifically to problem acne breakouts takes some deep diving. Here’s what you should expect for testing and its role with your acne.

  • Helps clarify strange symptoms:The first thing that testing will do is help you be aware of symptoms that you may have missed. You know the acne is a problem, but perhaps you weren’t paying much attention to the congestion you had after a certain meal, or the way your joints ached hours later or even the next day. All of these are common with food sensitivities and, when taken together, can identify an issue. Acne is certainly one of those symptoms to add to the pile.
  •  Identifies problem foods:A test will, of course, show you what food sensitivities you have so that you can see which ones are most popular in your diet, what ones are more severe than others, and what you’re going to have to adapt to make them less of a problem.
  •  Helps you eliminate them from your diet:With the test results comes an elimination guide that will give you a boost in effectively removing the problem food ingredients from your day to day diet. This detox will help you feel better in a lot of ways, and the instructions that come with your results will be personalized for you in particular, so you know it will be the right changes to make.
  • Minimizes acne-causing inflammation:Food sensitivities are known for causing inflammation. For some, it’s a rash, and for others, it could be a smattering of acne. As you detox from these “problem” foods, you’ll be able to notice fewer and fewer breakouts, and you may even notice that your acne completely clears up once you’ve completely removed these foods from your diet.

It’s pretty exciting to think that adjusting your diet could be helpful in minimizing or curing your acne. Sure, most people know that takeout and other low-quality food will create breakouts, but sometimes the problem foods could be personalized to you. When you get the results, you’ll be able to figure out what symptoms you were actually having (and didn’t realize the connection), and then you’ll be able to improve your overall quality of life by replacing those sensitive foods with other, better ones. A healthier body means healthier skin with less inflammation and, as a result, less acne.