Food Intolerances: Cooking at home can help you beat the bloat this Summer

ALERT: The end of Summer is coming across Canada, but many of us are still excited about heading to the beach and making the most of the end of the season. If you are struggling to beat the bloat because of food intolerances, then we have just the solutions for you. We have outlined three steps you should take which will help you beat the bloat and let you make the most of this last Summer.

Check the ingredients closely

When doing your weekly shop, make sure you look closely at the ingredients, as some of them could be hidden, and some of them could be labelled differently. You may think that us telling you to check what ingredients you are putting into your meal is pretty straightforward, but honestly, some packaging can be confusing and sometimes there are so many ingredients that it is important that we check every single one closely. Please do take care, watch your food intolerances and it will help you to beat the bloat!

Cook your own meals

Let’s be realistic, not everyone, particularly families have the ability and time to cook a homecooked meal every day, three times a day. There are many ingredients in a lot of healthy food items which are considered to be damaging, but there will be a lot less than there are in processed foods. Steer clear of added ingredients and processed foods, and be fresh. Being smart and avoiding damaging foods is important, so please do take care. Eliminating offending food items is what you need to beat the bloat this Summer, so take charge and learn your food intolerances.

Batch Cook and learn your food intolerances

Again, at Test Your Intolerance Canada we want to help you, be you. The best way we can do this is helping you understand your food intolerances. To us, we know that you are naturally a happy and healthy person, but a food intolerance could be causing you to feel underwhelmed and unwell. This is why it is important to avoid prepackaged ingredients and items, as a lot of them contain ingredients which could you cause you to bloat. Of course, if you are already intolerant to these foods, then you must completely avoid these products, as it will only make you feel worse.

If you feel like you could benefit from some home cooking, but want to know exactly what items are causing you an intolerance, then head over to and have a look at what we can do for you, today.