Allergies | Late Spring creates season allergies nightmare in Quebec | Blog

Wow! We knew people needed to take allergies and intolerances seriously, but late spring in Canada is creating seasonal allergy nightmares in Quebec. There are some medicinal and non-medicinal methods which will help you to combat allergies. Taking an allergy test or an intolerance test will help you to learn about what life is like in the great outdoors in Canada. Don’t stay inside because you are scared of the outdoors, find your peace with intolerances, allergies and Test Your Intolerance Canada today.

Late spring allergies

As explained in CBC, the late spring weather in Quebec has led to people struggling with a harder allergy season, especially for those who are reacting strongly to multiple types of pollen. Whilst tree allergies typically flare up in the months of April and May, this year Canada has seen allergies affecting people into June. If you are not sure if you are suffering from allergies then you need to look out for these symptoms:

Symptoms of an allergy

  • Runny and Itchy Eyes
  • Nasal Congestion
  • Skin Rash

Experiencing seasonal allergies

Many of our customers at Test Your Intolerance have reported that they typically suffer from allergy symptoms in the warmer and colder months, but the summer months have seen an increase in the number of people suffering from allergies. But do you know how to manage your allergies and intolerances once you have been diagnosed? There are many ways you can cope, and not all of them involve medical treatment and medication. They are also simple, so make sure you keep the windows closed so that pollen is not always entering the house. Clean thoroughly behind the sofas and bedrooms!

Rule out an intolerance

Intolerance and allergy symptoms do vary, especially as allergy symptoms can be life-threatening, but how do you know what allergies are and what intolerances are. An intolerance test will help you in this regard, as it can either confirm that you are suffering from intolerance symptoms or not, meaning you can try an allergy test.

Find out more about allergies by visiting Test Your Intolerance and checking out the various facts and stats which we supply you with.