Fatigue | 3 ways you can stop it affecting your life | Test Your Intolerance

If you find yourself feeling dragged out all of the time, you certainly are not alone.  More and more people find themselves permanently exhausted.  When it comes to fatigue, its potential causes and reasons why you need to kick it in the butt, here’s what you should know.

Common causes of fatigue:

While this is not an exhaustive — see what we did there? — list of fatigue causes, these are the most common reasons that people find themselves worn out all of the time.  Some of them may surprise you!

  • An undiagnosed allergy: When you find yourself feeling tired, the last thing you may think as the culprit is an allergy. However, allergy testing could be just the thing that you need to see if your fatigue is due to a food allergy.
  • Stress: As stress and pressure build in our life, we tend to have higher heart rates and bad eating habits. This all wears our bodies down and we will feel fatigued as a result.  Finding a healthy way to deal with stress could be helpful to make sure your body stays strong and rested.
  • Diet: When you eat poorly — or not enough — your body doesn’t have enough to run on. This will wear you down and may even interrupt your sleep routine, which will also wear your body down even further.  This can become a never-ending cycle in and of itself, unfortunately.

3 reasons to stop feeling tired:

Figuring out why you’re tired, let alone figuring out how to deal with it, seems like it’s going to take a lot of energy.  So, why do it?  Well, here are 3 fantastic reasons to help you find the motivation to find out the source and deal with that fatigue:

  1. Your family needs you: This is not intended as a guilt trip, just something that is important to remember. Your loved ones all depend on you to be part of their life in some way or form.  Make sure there you’re there to be a part of their life and for them to be a part of yours, too.  You can’t do that if you’re tired.
  1. You deserve better: We can’t say this enough. You are stuff to do and a life to live.  You can’t do that if you’re trying to sneak in a nap and rest.  You deserve a fulfilling life with all sorts of adventures and excitement.  Kick fatigue to the curb and get back to your life.
  2. You can get more done with less energy output: When you are well-rested, you’ll get everything done faster and easier. This means that you can focus more on your life and all of the people in it, all at no cost to you.

You can enjoy your life again, you just need to figure out what is causing your fatigue and how to cut it out.  Don’t worry, the results will be well worth it. Order your test from www.testyourintolerance.ca and feel happier and healthier today.