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5 Unexpected Symptoms of Magnesium Deficiency

It seems impossible to always know what your body needs and when, which is often why there are a lot of people who find that they are dealing with a deficiency in one vitamin or another. Most people lack in calcium, vitamin c and vitamin d, but magnesium deficiency is...

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The Pros and Cons of a Gluten Free Diet

There are a lot of fad diets out there these days thanks to the wonderful far-reaching access of the internet. With all of these new options, however, a lot of people are becoming understandably concerned about which diets are actually recommended versus which ones...

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How to Get Tested for Food Intolerance

Food is a key part of life, and knowing that you are eating food that is delicious and worthwhile is more important than most of us like to admit. However, there are some people who find that simply finding foods that are comfortable could be a struggle. This is often...

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Dairy Allergy or Lactose Intolerance?

One of the most common intolerances out there is lactose intolerance. It can range in severity, and it will impact both kids and adults. With this being so common, it only makes sense that it be the first thought when you start having issues with dairy products in...

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Allergen Test Methods

The first time that you have an allergic reaction, it can feel overwhelming. Whether it’s just the sniffles or full-blown anaphylaxis, finding out that you have a food allergy means that you need to take a look at your life and make necessary changes to keep yourself...

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Could Allergy Testing Help Your Bloated Stomach?

There are a lot of causes of a bloated stomach, some of which are easier to identify than others. You probably already knew the two most common ones: you ate too much, and you ate too fast. Sometimes, though, the cause of a bloated stomach could be telling you...

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How Food Sensitivity Testing Can Fix Your Acne

From teenage years to adulthood, acne bothers quite a lot of people in varying degrees. There are all sorts of topical products, as well as oral medications that are said to help clear it up. Without question, these can help with stubborn outbreaks and skin healing,...

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How a Food Allergies Test Could Turn Your Life Around

Is there anything that people love more than receiving test results? Okay, so perhaps it’s not the most exciting thought ever, but it is a common shared experience when it comes specifically to determine what a problem is or isn’t. Did you ever think that you would...

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How to Get Tested for Food Intolerances

When you are told that you need to make changes to your life, it’s easy to assume that those changes are going to be huge. Or, they’ll at least have a huge impact on your life. This doesn’t always have to be the case, however. If you’re told that you should get tested...

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5 Reasons to Get Tested for Food Allergies

When people hear “food allergies,” it immediately causes a slight panic. This is especially so when it comes to someone who isn’t used to dealing with food allergies in any capacity. Even if everyone around you is used to them, food allergies should always be taken...

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Achieve Your New Years Goals with the IBS Diet

Most people make New Year's resolutions to change their health-related lives for the better. No matter what angle you’re taking it from, this is a fantastic way for you to enjoy your life a whole lot more and feel better while you’re doing it. A great help in giving...

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Foods to Avoid With IBS

There are a lot of people out there living with IBS ever single day. Quite a few of those people may not even know that they are dealing with IBS, as it often gets misdiagnosed as a food intolerance or another digestion-related condition. If you know or suspect that...

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Testing for Food Allergies: 3 Methods

The sheer speed of modern science has made a lot of things possible these days that wouldn’t have been around back in the day. Amongst the modern perks is going to be the fact that you can now choose from a series of options when testing for food allergies. While the...

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3 Conditions Allergy Testing Can Help You Manage

You owe it to yourself and your body to get to the bottom of what’s causing a problem. While it can sometimes be as simple as dehydration or fatigue, there are other issues that can cause symptoms that aren’t often thought to be connected. One example of a hidden...

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Starting an Elimination Diet

You deserve to feel the best you possibly can, and there’s no time like the beginning of a brand new year to do it. Why not make an elimination diet a part of your New Years' resolution? It’s easier than you think, and it can really help you get to know your body and...

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Be Wary of Food Intolerances Over The Holidays

There’s nothing as enjoyable as settling in front of a fireplace with a warm mug of hot cocoa and a sugar cooking with frosting to put you in the holiday spirit. Unless, of course, you are intolerance to cocoa or sugar. All too often, those living with food...

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Food Sensitivity Testing At Home

Food sensitivities. All sorts of factors require us to change our lives in order to accommodate them. Adjusting our schedules and lifestyles to make time and space for those changes is what makes them successful or not. When it comes to health-related changes and...

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