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Swing into spring with an elimination diet

Spring is now literally just around the corner! but we'll get straight to the point, we want you to know what the benefits are of an elimination diet, especially when you have a food intolerance. Here are three reasons why you should banish offending food items from...

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5 steps you must take if you have an allergy

Living with food intolerance and allergies means that you must be prepared to deal with your symptoms. If you are struggling to cope with any symptoms similar to a headache, fatigue or stomach issues then you need to check out this guide to dealing with your...

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3 surprising foods which are holding you back!

Wow! There are so many foods which could be holding you back but you didn't know about them! Is there a better way to swing into spring than getting on top of your health and happiness? To get this, all you need to do is order an intolerance test from Test Your...

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The rise of gluten intolerance

Gluten intolerance is becoming increasingly common but continues to be largely undiagnosed! But now, with more and more people ordering an intolerance test, people are beginning to battle against their symptoms and alleviate them. Getting rid of your headaches,...

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Foods causing allergies: What should you look out for?

As individuals, our reactions to food and drink vary widely. An ingredient that can cause problems to one person may be quite acceptable for another. This is known as an individual suffering from food intolerance. Be careful to make sure you know the difference...

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What is an oat intolerance?

An Oat intolerance is what happens if you have a food-specific reaction to a certain food item. This could be any sort of food item, including oats. But what if oats are a major part of your diet? How do you know if you have an oat intolerance? Well, there is one...

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