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What is an oat intolerance?

An Oat intolerance is what happens if you have a food-specific reaction to a certain food item. This could be any sort of food item, including oats. But what if oats are a major part of your diet? How do you know if you have an oat intolerance? Well, there is one...

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The benefits of intolerance testing in Canada

Over the colder months, people tend to experience a variety of health issues and symptoms. If you have been experiencing symptoms like headaches, fatigue and a bloated stomach then it may be because you have a food allergy or food intolerance. Food intolerance testing...

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A test for food intolerances during Winter

Well, you've probably landed on this page because you are experiencing intolerance symptoms and you are looking to purchase a test for food intolerances. Well, you have come to the right place! Test Your Intolerance Canada are able to offer expert tests for food...

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The rise of allergies in children is on the rise!

According to a new study, food allergies are on the rise because children are not exposed to certain foods at a young enough age. According to, almost 8% of American children have food allergies and many of them are to the eight most common food...

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Why are food allergies on the rise?

It is true though, if you think back to the days when you were at school, did everyone have an allergy or food intolerances back then? They may well have done, but we wouldn't have known as allergy testing and intolerance testing was not as advanced as it is today,...

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