Creative Christmas Gifts for Health-Conscious People - Test Your Intolerance

Is there anyone out there who loves holiday shopping? Okay, so probably not. Yet, even those who enjoy finding a fine selection of creative Christmas gifts can usually agree that shopping for the right thing can be stressful. If you want to find something unique yet still thoughtful, here are some wonderful, thoughtful choices to look for. Best of all, these are designed specifically for those health-conscious people in your life that are notoriously difficult to buy for!

Best gift focuses for health-conscious gifts

Here is a tip you won’t find in most places: look at shopping lists that avoid food! Not only will it help you find something that your calorie-counting family member will enjoy, but it also shows you how to stay truly creative. A food-free list immediately means you are thinking outside the box. It is the first step in a health-conscious direction!

Creative gift ideas for health-conscious loved ones

Let’s dig into some thoughtful and creative Christmas gifts that will earn you some brownie points. Remember, the goal is to be original in your pick and keep it focused on the health-related journey!

Essential allergy testing

Sure, allergy testing is not the first thing that might come to mind for a health-conscious friend. But it is underrated! An essential allergy test can help convince that lucky recipient of its importance and introduce them to a new world of health!

Basic food intolerance testing

Like allergies, intolerances to common foods and ingredients are also very common. A basic food intolerance test will offer education, analysis, and a personalized approach to health. This will apply to both meal planning and ingredient selection in the future. It can be gratifying for someone trying to do right by their body.

Blended allergy and intolerance testing

A blended allergy and intolerance test is a great choice if you like what you see but want more. It gives excellent value for money, first of all. As well it helps the health-conscious person understand their relationship to food choices.

One-stop sophisticated allergy and intolerance testing

Saving the best for last, a sophisticated allergy and intolerance test can answer all questions and quiet all concerns related to allergies and intolerances. This is the test of all tests for anyone who wants to go for an all-in-one option.

Why is allergy testing so important?

We don’t blame you if you think that allergy and intolerance testing are not the most logical starting points for a health-conscious person. However, the data doesn’t lie. Over 27% of Canadians have reported and diagnosed allergies. It’s suspected that the actual number is much higher. Food intolerances are also known for being extremely difficult to diagnose. As such, intolerance testing is even more important to consider.

Both food allergies and intolerances can have a serious impact on your overall health profile since undiagnosed issues can lead to unnecessary dietary restrictions and an incomplete diet as a direct result. It makes sense, then, that the ideal creative Christmas gifts are the ones that make life easier in an unexpected way, and allergy testing qualifies.

Final reminder for easier gift shoppingHow To Buy The Best Christmas Present

Are you still looking for guidance? If so, we have a few more tips to help you make the most of your shopping adventure and still bring home some wonderful presents for loved ones. Take a look.

Focus on problem-solving

A good gift for someone you love should solve a problem. Try to choose something that will address an unmet need that a loved one has. You don’t need to necessarily get fancy with it, either. A simple problem could equal a simple solution!

Focus on quality, not quantity

This one is controversial. Let’s pretend your sister wants an immersion blender to help her make the most of her fruit smoothies. You could get her a cheap one that looks cute. But since you don’t want her to have to turn around and replace it two months later, go for a higher-end one that perhaps doesn’t look quite as cute. If she were to compare the two, she’d most likely appreciate the better-quality immersion blender! Quality is a gift in itself.

Give “yourself” if needed

One of the most underrated gifts is yourself — aka your time and presence. If you have someone on your list that is hard to buy for, get them something fitness-focused and combine that gift with something only you can offer. You could be a jogging buddy for four weeks. Or, you can both join the same yoga class. The gift itself will be nice, but your presence will be even nicer!

Now, you have everything you need to find a truly unforgettable gift for the health-conscious person on your list. With tips like these, you’ll be able to make this holiday shopping season easier, better, and a lot more fun for yourself and the person you are shopping for! Remember we’re here to help you give the gift of health this Christmas!