Embracing Wellness in the New Year - Test Your Intolerance

We always vow to make each year better than the last. This is a wonderful approach to the New Year stretching before us. What if you could make that vow even better by taking that approach to your health? If you consider embracing wellness in the New Year, you can make your fresh year the best one by making health your priority! Need help figuring out how to do that? Below, we’ll tackle the concept of wellness, explain the vital role of comprehensive allergy and intolerance testing, and help you design a realistic plan to help you embrace wellness this year.

How to achieve your wellness goals this year

If you’re feeling a little intimidated by just how you should go after your wellness goals, it’s okay. Wellness is such a big term that it can be hard to figure out where to start. Let’s find the ideal starting point for your health and use that to help you figure out where to put that into play.

Determine your most pressing goal

The critical starting point to prioritize wellness is picking your most pressing goal within the wellness sector. You’ll want to approach this personalized choice with your own goals in mind. Are you interested in adjusting your diet? Perhaps you want to learn more about mental health and its relationship to well-being. Others might be hunting for a physical health routine that is sustainable past the first month. Whatever your biggest goal is, take the time to choose that before going further.

Prioritize yourself

So often, we think taking extra time to take care of ourselves is selfish. However, the reality is very different. If you take the time to nourish yourself and remember that you are your most valuable resource, you can keep the right focus for your best overall results.

Don’t see your progress as a short-term thing

When you make a change to a wellness-based lifestyle, don’t see it as a short-term change. For example, comprehensive allergy and intolerance testing is a great option to understand your dietary health needs, but it’s also an investment into a long-term change. The results form this test can help you adjust your diet to be its healthiest, best version for you (more on that later). If you simply stopped at the testing itself, the outcome would be short-lived, too. Health and wellness should be long-term goals with practical, realistic steps to get you there.

The other component of this area is that your progress from where you are now to where you want to go might not be linear. You’ll have ups and downs, which are necessary to help you achieve your wellness goals. Don’t let one bad day, week, or month derail all of your progress.

Small changes matter more than big changes

New Year, Healthier You_ Learn How

As you can now see, the small daily changes you make matter more than large changes to your life. Why? Because those daily small changes add value more than big ones happening sporadically! Positive health habits are easier to sustain and prioritize even when those larger things seem out of reach.

Feed yourself a personalised diet

Remember when we talked about diet before? Think of it this way. If you’re eating “bad” food for your body, you won’t be feeling at your best, no matter how hard you focus on other details. By getting comprehensive allergy and intolerance testing, you can understand what potentially hurts your body and how to avoid it. Intolerance symptoms and food allergies can have real, hard-to-isolate health effects. Testing can help you design a personalized diet that is healthiest for you.

Make exercise work for you

Many of us will focus on adding exercise to our lives, but many of us do what we think we should do instead of what we want to do. Practically speaking, exercise is anything that gets you active on a daily basis. It doesn’t have to be anything intense, expensive, or stressful.

Pick exercises that work for you. Swimming is a fun activity that is extremely rewarding for physical health. If you are sore after a workout, factor in holistic health through massage therapy. There is no right or wrong way to do this. Just focus on what works for you to achieve your goals!

Practice accountability

The last detail in your journey to embracing wellness in the New Year is to do it with someone you trust. Be that a therapist, a nutritionist, a friend, a spouse, or a sibling, health and wellness are easier to prioritize when you have someone on the journey with you. Plus, it makes it much more enjoyable, and who doesn’t want that?

You have a bright future ahead of you that will be all the better if you take a focused approach. By embracing wellness in the New Year, you’re doing what you have to do for your health, your lifestyle, your mental strength, and your endurance. When diving into new challenges — good and bad — keeping your wellness front of mind will only help you.