Celebrating An Allergy-Friendly Halloween - Test Your Intolerance

If you’re looking for tips for an allergy-friendly Halloween, you have to read quite a bit about the problem ingredients, and how to ensure you and your allergy-prone loved ones can enjoy this treat-based holiday. Of course, this is all well and good, but what else is out there? How can you truly enjoy this long-awaited season if your little one has serious allergies? Does advanced allergy and intolerance testing make a difference to a safe Halloween? How sustainable are allergy-friendly choices for impatient little ones? All that and more is waiting for you below.

Balancing Halloween with allergies

Some allergies are easier to manage than others, both in their severity and avoidance techniques. Do you have someone in your life who is severely allergic to the big allergens? If so, then you know it can be a bit of a minefield when looking to enjoy traditional candy and chocolate. Since Halloween is unmoderated, it can be very dangerous for those who still want the authentic Halloween experience.

The route that many well-intentioned parents take is deprivation when it comes to Halloween treats. Now that many brands have jumped on the “allergy-safe” bandwagon, it’s easier to find some great, reliable choices for little ones hoping for a fun experience.

If you want to balance the holiday with allergies and intolerances, start on the right foot by getting results from advanced allergy and intolerance testing. This will give you precise data on what to avoid and what to trust. This helps keep loved ones safe from unplanned allergy attacks. It also helps them avoid food intolerance symptoms.

While many will search for allergy-safe brands (which we’ll discuss more next), you can also take a different route: homemade treats! Many children love helping mom and dad in the kitchen. So, have them assist you in baking spooky treats such as cookies, rice krispie squares, and more. Ensure all ingredients are allergen-safe first, though! They will love the thought that they can have their own self-decorated Halloween treats!

What brands can you trust?

Do you want to incorporate some brands that you can use to customize your homemade treats or give a few grab-and-go choices? If so, look online for the most accurate brand information. There are quite a few big-8 free brands in Canada, and the list is always growing. Right now, you can trust Happy Wolf, Enjoy Life, Yum Earth, and Goodpop.

Are you looking for alternative core baking ingredients? Including those that are safe for those with wheat allergies? Cuisine Soleil Organic is a fantastic resource for those.

Can Halloween still be enjoyable with severe allergies?Tips To Make Halloween More Enjoyable With Allergies

If you order advanced allergy and intolerance test and discover that many of the big eight allergens are on the list, you can create personalized traditions. Balancing this important holiday with severe food allergies or intolerances doesn’t have to be a battle. If you have a young one, there’s never a better time to learn about your choices. Some tips include the following:

Make it a non-food holiday

You can find many novelty gifts that are Halloween-themed for a different approach to the season. Some of the best ones for kids of all ages include bubbles, sprinter rings, finger puppets, Halloween stuffies, and glowsticks. You can even let your little one help you pick out the best choices so that you know they’ll like their treats!

Be open with your kids about an allergy-friendly Halloween

Another option is to be very honest about your young ones. Educating them on what could happen if they eat “bad” candy can help them understand how to protect themselves. This is a great way to help young ones understand the significance of avoiding traditional Halloween candy.

Once they get older, you can even make them a cheat sheet of unsafe and safe Halloween candy. This will help them try safe candy and feel comfortable when at social events.

Plan elaborate costumes and events with as many people as you can

Kids love their special Halloween costumes as much as they love candy. Throw yourself into designing elaborate Halloween costumes. The same goes for planning themed events with family and friends. You can even design unique costumes for each event if you want to go all out.

Try an advent calendar approach

Another wonderful option for an allergy-friendly Halloween is an advent calendar for Halloween. They get themed toys and allergy-safe treats each day. This will give them the thrill of getting something new and unexpected each day. Some ideas include Halloween fidget toys, Halloween rubber ducks, slime packs, and colouring books. The sky is the limit, which means more fun for your child!

Make the most out of the season by taking an up-close-and-personal approach to the potential of the holiday. You just need to think outside the box. You may be surprised to learn that there is so much room for exploration and originality when you look at things differently! This applies to your allergies as well, with our advanced allergy and intolerance test.