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Wow! There are so many foods which could be holding you back but you didn’t know about them! Is there a better way to swing into spring than getting on top of your health and happiness? To get this, all you need to do is order an intolerance test from Test Your Intolerance. 

If there is anyone you know that is suffering from intolerance symptoms such as headaches, bloat or even diarrhoea then you will not want to look any further than a food intolerance. By discovering and identifying your intolerances, your loved ones will want to live well every day and take back control of their own health.

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At Test Your Intolerance, we offer bioresonance hair testing as we look to discover which items are potentially causing you pain. If you want that special person or yourself to get the most out of their diet then we cannot recommend getting your intolerances tested highly enough. We also provide other option of getting both yourself and your partner tested, or even your whole family (up to four people!) Why not?

A food intolerance test will help you to identify which items need to be discovered, but in any case, you need to avoid these foods:

1) Sweet Potato

There are many nutritional therapists who advise that you consume sweet potato instead of the more common white potato. This is especially recommended if you are on a diet and are trying to lose weight or eat clean. You should be careful though because sweet potato contains a type of sugar (mannitol) that is often associated with a bloated stomach or diarrhoea. So, do be careful and make sure you order an intolerance test in order to avoid any embarrassing food intolerance symptoms.

2) Blueberries

Adding blueberries to your diet is often advised. However, you must be careful about the health benefits of blueberries, as for some people they cause abdominal pain, bloated stomachs and even diarrhoea. In this case, a great alternative to blueberries could be grapes, as if you are trying to eat the rainbow then these are also included under the red-purple fruit family.

3) Avocado 

If you are looking to eat healthily, you will almost definitely have come across avocado as being a healthy food. BUT, avocado is a high polyol food, and this often means that the rate of digestion and risk of bloating and potential gas produced is a high risk. If you do experience any uncomfortable symptoms up to 72 hours after you have eaten this food, then it is likely that you have an intolerance. Order an intolerance test today to confirm or alleviate your worries about Test Your Intolerance.

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