Intolerance Test: 5 Tips for Eating Out with a Food Intolerance

Happy Canada Day! If you’re celebrating by eating out then you make sure you check out Test Your Intolerance Canada’s top tips for enjoying the day without the hassle of worrying about what foods you are eating. These tips include taking an intolerance test! Sounds good, doesn’t it? Take a look below to start your journey on becoming the new you.

Canada Day is finally here! It’s time to celebrate, and we are here to make sure you are able to in style! Hailed as one of the best days of the year, Canada Day is great for the majority of us, but there are always worries about how our body will react to eating out. Here are five ways to ensure you enjoy your day.

1) Take an Intolerance Test

Simple and effective, Test Your Intolerance Canada is able to set you on your way to being the new you with an intolerance test. Choosing from a wide range of tests, you can choose the one best suited to you, and in some cases, to your partner and family. Taking an intolerance test with us will help you identify what foods you can and cannot eat. If you’ve been going out to eat with your friends and feeling tired, bloated or generally lethargic, it could be what you’ve been eating. Why not put your mind at ease and find out the cause of your suffering? It really can change the way you live your life.

2)  Watch what you eat

Watching what you eat sounds easy but it cannot be emphasized how important it is. If you’ve been leaving early from work parties, birthday parties or even weddings because you experience fatigue then it could be what you’re eating. You definitely won’t want to be leaving the restaurant early this year, so we recommend finding out your intolerances with an intolerance test. Once you have identified the culprit foods, you should cut them out and eliminate them from your diet. Some people decide to march on and chow down despite knowing they have an intolerance, but this is not recommended. Your rejuvenated self will carefully select food items which contain no offending ingredients and you will be the life and soul of the party.

3) Choose your diet carefully

With you already being careful with what you are eating, it is also important to have a diet plan, especially if you are planning to look your best on Canada Day! In the week or so leading up to the reservation at your favourite eatery, make sure you’re filling your body with the correct amount of nutrients, including things like lemon and ginger tea. Have you heard of the term ‘5 a day keeps the doctor away?’, well, lots of fruit and vegetables and generally ‘light’ foods are extremely beneficial to you, and will contribute to you being able to have an exciting day! Furthermore, drink plenty of water!

4) Spread the Word

If you know you have a food intolerance and you know where the venue is that you are going to eat at, call ahead and let them know. If you let them know about your intolerances, they will be able to advise you on alternatives that they can provide, whilst making sure no food on your plate can cause you any issues. It can be daunting heading out knowing that you may not be able to eat the food without feeling unwell. Remember, Canada Day is a day of celebration and everybody around you will want to ensure you have the best day alongside them!

5) Look forward to the times ahead

Yay! It is now time to celebrate and this is the best step to enjoying your day! You can relax and enjoy the Canada Day that you deserve. Taking away the stress and worry, Test Your Intolerance are on hand to help you with any issues you may have regarding your intolerance. If you know you have an intolerance, we are here to help. If you think you have an intolerance, we are here to help.

We want you to enjoy the Canada Day that you deserve, and if you do have any queries, then please head to and speak to our customer service team who are always happy to help!