Could Allergy Testing Help Your Bloated Stomach? - Test Your Intolerance

There are a lot of causes of a bloated stomach, some of which are easier to identify than others. You probably already knew the two most common ones: you ate too much, and you ate too fast. Sometimes, though, the cause of a bloated stomach could be telling you something a bit more serious as far as your body and its needs. In fact, allergy testing could be a helping hand in dealing with a bloated stomach. 

The benefits of allergy testing for stomach bloating

It seems strange to think of something as specialised as allergy testing as supportive with stomach bloating, but it makes sense when you take a look at what it means for your digestive tract and body.

Those with food allergies could be having excessive bloating as one of the symptoms. It wouldn’t matter how much or how little you ate of the problem ingredient, your stomach could puff up. Since most people wouldn’t consider an allergy as being a cause of stomach bloating, that food will continue to be eaten, and it could trigger a more serious reaction. When it comes to an allergy, it’ll be important to avoid that food in your diet so that you can keep yourself safe from a more severe reaction.

Another benefit to consider would be that, if nothing comes up on the allergy test, you could take a look at the option of getting intolerance or sensitivity testing done. Your digestive tract may be the thing that is causing the bloating, but until you take a look at allergies and rule them out, you won’t know for sure. If this turns out to be the case, you can simply take a look at portion monitoring, amongst other details, to help with it.

The importance of allergy testing

If you see this from the point of view of “oh, well, I’ll just assume it’s a food intolerance or that it’s a starchy food,” take a moment to really consider what an allergy test is going to give you. More than likely, stomach bloating — especially if it seems on the more severe side — is a sign of an undiagnosed allergy, and a reliable allergy test is going to be the best way to get clear results that you can use to take proper care of yourself and your gimme system.

An allergy can be missed for years if it tends to give you more mild reactions such as joint pain, bloating and flatulence, but it is just as serious as the more “severe reactions,” such as respiratory distress. When you see your stomach bloating up for no clear reason that you can understand, an allergy test really should be your first stop.

Taking care of yourself means you must first understand what’s going on in your body. Allergy testing can help give you a clear view of what’s happening and also do whatever it can to make bloating a worry of the past along the path to helping you eliminate this reaction-causing food from your diet.