Chocolate Intolerance Test: 5 Reasons you should enjoy World Chocolate Day

World Chocolate Day is fast approaching but there are many of us feeling like we won’t be able to enjoy it. This is because a chocolate intolerance test has highlighted an intolerance to either chocolate or chocolate items. Don’t worry though, we have found 5 reasons which mean you can enjoy World Chocolate Day. Who knew about Number 2? (We did, but did you?)

Is chocolate one of your favorite foods? Yes? Are you intolerant? Yes? Don’t worry we can help you to relax and take the stress away from you, leaving you to indulge yourself in chocolatey goodness on this wonderful day. Here are five reasons to help you enjoy World Chocolate Day, including a chocolate intolerance test, the fact that some items are vegan-friendly, and also it can be good for you (who knew?

1) You can take an Intolerance Test

An intolerance test could set you free from the stresses of eating chocolate by telling you whether your body will be able to tolerate the ingredients and full product of chocolate. Testing for 300 food items and 300 non-food times, Test Your Intolerance Canada is here to help you enjoy World Chocolate Day. If your test highlights no intolerances to chocolate and its ingredients then feel free to go consume as much as you like without the side effects, in moderation, of course. If your body does highlight an intolerance, then eliminate it whilst your body recovers, and if you feel better, you can slowly reintroduce chocolate back into your diet, testing to see whether your body can tolerate a certain amount of chocolate.

2) It can be Vegan

Yes, as already mentioned, it can be vegan, rejoice! You may have recently developed an intolerance to an allergy to a certain food item and have decided to cut it out of your diet, leaving you to crave chocolate but not any. It can be vegan though, so if you feel like you have to cut out animal products, it does not mean your relationship with chocolate is over as well. So go on, satisfy your sweet tooth in the way that only chocolate can and indulge in vegan brownies, vegan chocolate eggs (YES!) and vegan chocolate bars.

3) It could be of great benefit to you (in moderation!)

Yes, you have read that right, chocolate can benefit you in some ways, but in moderation of course. Scoffing your face with chocolate goodies will not benefit you but eating the right amounts could enhance some of your brain’s properties (YES!). So, with a chocolate intolerance test, you can find out which chocolate items your body can tolerate, and use it to enhance your body’s nutrition. Do you need any more reasons to take a chocolate intolerance test?

4) There are different types, and some are good for you!

If you have a craving for chocolate but no that the normal foods that you consume are bad for you, then you have considered the alternatives? Dark chocolate can be just as tasty as milk chocolate, but can also be beneficial to your body. When you were munching on chocolate previously, was your skin coming up in rashes and irritations? If so, you may have had an intolerance to it. This shouldn’t put you off chocolate for good though, as dark chocolate can actually be beneficial for your skin. The bioactive compounds in dark chocolate can be good for your skin, protecting against sun damage and improving blood flow to the skin, whilst increasing skin density and hydration. Nope, you’re not misreading this, if you are planning to get away for the Summer and are jetting off on vacation, then consider loading up on dark chocolate in the coming weeks and months. Yes, we are giving you an excuse!

5) It’s Chocolate!

Yep, chocolate is a worldwide treasure wherever we are, particularly in Canada. You should be able to eat what you want, when you want. Remember, even if an intolerance test has confirmed your worries that you have an intolerance to chocolate, this doesn’t have to be the end. Eliminating it from your diet, you can always go back to the luxury treat after taking a break and confirming it is definitely chocolate you are intolerant to. Remember, you may just have overindulged, but a chocolate intolerance test can confirm this for sure. So, essentially, make sure you all take the steps you can to ensure that you can feast with us on World Chocolate Day!