An Intolerance Test will make you feel better about your holidays in Canada.

Time is ticking on Summer, but that hasn’t stopped most of us here in Canada celebrating. With tomorrow being Civic Holiday and Heritage Day, we feel it is time you have the vacation you deserve. As the first Monday in August comes around, we want nothing more than to fire up the BBQ and work on our tans. If you’re jetting away on this National Holiday, then we recommend you are careful. As such, we have come up with 3 different tips you should follow in order to ensure you have the holiday you deserve, and yes, it does include taking an intolerance test!

1) Becoming friends with an Intolerance Test

This sounds weird, but it can help. Some of us do not want to know about our intolerances, especially just before a trip away because it may impact on our plans. Imagine venturing across the pond to Europe and visiting Italy, and finding out you can’t eat Pizza and Pasta. This is why some of us don’t like taking an intolerance test, but it is actually vital we do, especially before going on vacation. It may not just be food that we are allergic to, a different environment and culture could have a more severe impact than we think. Essentially, what we are saying is: Don’t take your body for granted take an intolerance test today, as you prepare for the greatest holiday of your life.

2) Learn about your body and your symptoms

Understanding your body is the first step to understanding your symptoms. That bloat you may have been experiencing could be down to certain foods having an effect on your body. But how do you detect which foods are causing your body harm? You take an intolerance test of course! This means that when you are lying in the garden, topping up your tan, you are not worried about the foods you are munching on, or the fact that you may have an allergy or an intolerance to pollen. Of course, pollen will not make you bloat, but having an intolerance to it could bring on symptoms of nausea, headaches, pain or a runny nose.

3) Embrace Canada and its Heritage.

We all deserve a day off. Sometimes the weekend is just not enough as we all work so hard to get the best results we can. This is what the team at Test Your Intolerance Canada do, as we test your hair for intolerances and give you amazing advice on what to do if sensitivities are highlighted. We want you to be able to celebrate Canada’s Heritage Day and Civic Holiday without the stress and worry of how your body will react. So, a whether you’re tucking into a Turkey, Chicken or Beef dinner, after taking an intolerance test you can now demolish the food on your plate with no worries about the food that you are consuming.

Ultimately, a food intolerance test is one of the best things you can do when going on holiday. It means you can prepare for any circumstance which may pop up as you head off on your travels, knowing you will have the time of your life. Want to take a food intolerance test? Head over to and find out more. Don’t look back!