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More and more people are having negative reactions to the food they eat. There are various food tests that can be done to tell an individual if there is any food that they are allergic to. There are times that the test conducted by your doctor find no problem but the symptoms are still there. Intolerance testing will be able to help you feel a lot better in the future. Scroll down to see what common foods you may be intolerant to. 

The truth is that a lot of people that think they have an intolerance to certain foods are mistaken. They are willing to go to any lengths to do an intolerance test and get diagnose but the only person who will benefit from this is the doctors that collect money and tell these people exactly what they want to hear, whether it is the truth or not.

The difference between Allergy Testing and Intolerance Testing

There are many people that don’t know the difference between an allergic reaction, food intolerance and sensitivity. When the immune system of the body reacts negatively to foods causing itching or wheezing, rashes, vomiting, coughing or anaphylaxis in the worst cases it is considered an allergic reaction to the foods. Diseases like Coeliac is not an allergic reaction it is an autoimmune problem. It affects only a small percentage of people. In this case the immune system has an abnormal reaction to the protein and it also causes damage to the bowel.

Food intolerances are completely different and they are not caused by a response by the immune system. A food intolerance does not show up when an allergy test is done. You will have to get intolerance testing done to find out if you have a food intolerance. The symptoms associated include migraine headaches, upset stomach, hives and other problems affecting the stomach.

Common food intolerances

You will not be able to identify a food intolerance if food intolerance testing is not done. It is hard to determine the prevalence of food intolerances as many people claim to have an intolerance without getting intolerance testing done. The common intolerances are as follows:

  1. Lactose: is a form of sugar that is found in milk
  2. Amines: causes the vessels of the blood to expand
  3. Sulfites: are food preservatives
  4. Salicylates: is found in many edible plant life
  5. Glutamates: is found in foods like soy sauce, parmesan cheese, and mushrooms

These intolerances will not show up in any other test except a food intolerance test. Knowing what foods, you are intolerant to allows you to avoid these foods. This is the first step to living a healthy life.

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