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An Oat intolerance is what happens if you have a food-specific reaction to a certain food item. This could be any sort of food item, including oats. But what if oats are a major part of your diet? How do you know if you have an oat intolerance? Well, there is one simple way to find out. Simply order your intolerance test from Test Your Intolerance today and see whether or not you can continue including oats in your diet

Canadians grow more oats in Canada than anyone else but Russia, so the chances of people developing an oat intolerance are high! Remember, food intolerance can be developed due to overindulgence, unlike an allergy which is often hereditary. An oat intolerance is not life-threatening, but any reactions that arise after consuming oats are usually delayed. So, whilst you’re tucking into that porridge every morning, be wary of the fact that you may have a food intolerance.

If you do have porridge every morning, then your headache or bloated stomach at work may actually be due to this, rather than other causes which you initially thought. Of course, with symptoms like a headache or a runny nose, it could be anything, but it is important to rule out food intolerance with an intolerance test.

Oats can actually be beneficial to your diet because they contain fiber and other healthy nutrients, but please do not overindulge on them as it could cause food intolerance. The good news is that there are plenty of alternatives to oats, and if it is food intolerance then you can manage it by removing it from your diet for six to eight weeks. As it is not an allergy, it means that at some point you will be able to eat it again!

If you are interested in an intolerance test, then you can log on to and take your pick from our wide range of tests. If you need any help choosing the right test for you, then our Customer Service advisors will be delighted to assist you with any questions or queries that you may have.