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We’ve all suffered from digestive symptoms, and the worst thing to experience is a bloated stomach! Below, you can check out about intolerances and allergies and find out how an intolerance test could help you to reduce your bloated stomach and headaches, as well as minimise the chances of you suffering from a headache. Learn the basics of an intolerance test and stomach upsets below:

1) Understand the basics of your bloated stomach and other issues

Before you do anything else, you need to understand what is causing your bloated stomach, headaches or fatigue. These symptoms could be the result of an intolerance or allergy, so it is vital that you get your results from your intolerance test and do not leave your symptoms to chance. If they are caused by an allergy then they could easily lead to something a lot more serious, including life-threatening symptoms like anaphylaxis. If you have ever suffered from IBS then you will know that it can often be the result of the foods that you are eating.

2) Adopt a friendly diet to help you deal with your food intolerances

With a healthy diet to help you deal with your intolerances, it is important that you find a whole food diet which is well suited to line your stomach. If you have a bloated stomach or other symptoms like constipation then you will be looking to create a diet which is lower in fermentable carbohydrates and is an essential part of healing. A low FODMAP diet would be ideal, but there are plenty of other diets that you can look into.

3) Sensitivity, Intolerance or Allergy?

An intolerance is when the body reacts in a negative way when exposed to certain items. Please make sure that you do not confuse an allergy with an intolerance as it could have serious consequences. Doing your research will help in this regard, but Test Your Intolerance Canada can always help you with any questions which you may have!

For more information on getting hold of your intolerance test to help you cope with your symptoms, log on to and find out everything you need to know.