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An allergy test can help you to evaluate your diet and avoid any potential intolerance or allergy symptoms. Providing people within Canada the chance to improve their health and wellbeing, we can explore more and more things about your body. Make sure it is not your morning pancakes filled with maple syrup or any other delicious treats which make you feel a bit sick and can often give you a bloated stomach. If you are experiencing any allergy symptoms, similar to the aforementioned symptoms as well as headaches then allergy testing is the way forward for you. Get your allergy testing kit delivered straight to your door, and send it back to us, leaving you feeling happy and healthy. Get your allergy testing kits today

Allergies can be easier to deal with if you know what causes them

An allergy test from Test Your Intolerance Canada can help you to identify which foods are potentially causing your allergy symptoms which are sometimes impacting your health. If you often find yourself feeling a bit sick after eating a certain food (often peanuts, dairy, or shellfish) or you are coming up in an unexplained rash then it might be due to an allergy. Get your results sent straight to you via email, alongside a detailed and comprehensive report which helps you understand all the items and the potential symptoms. All the food and non-food items listed will identify whether or not you are suffering from an allergy or intolerance, so make sure you get hold of your own allergy test today.

The science behind an allergy test with us

Constantly working on our services to improve the way you learn and cope with your allergies, there has never been a better time to begin allergy testing. We also offer our Prime 110 Allergy & Intolerance test which tests against both IgE and IgG4 antibodies. If you need any help to understand your results, then our Customer Service team are always happy to help, and they are available via email or our LiveChat services. They work 24 hours a day, Mon-Fri (GMT.)

When should you consider allergy testing?

All the time. It is so important that you are able to identify your potential food allergies and intolerances. If you are suffering from some undiagnosed symptoms, and you cannot pinpoint what is causing them, then it is vital that you consider allergy testing. This is because if you try to self diagnose, you may get the wrong food as intolerance symptoms can sometimes appear up to 72 hours later. Potentially, you could be saying goodbye to a range of symptoms which are not merely a coincidence, as you might have been thinking. So, if you have any undiagnosed symptoms, then allergy testing could be perfect for you. Your bloated stomach and constant vomiting could be a thing of the past!

For more information on allergy testing and if you would like to purchase an allergy test then you can click here and begin your world of new beginnings.