How to Get Tested for Food Intolerances - Test Your Intolerance

When you are told that you need to make changes to your life, it’s easy to assume that those changes are going to be huge. Or, they’ll at least have a huge impact on your life. This doesn’t always have to be the case, however. If you’re told that you should get tested for food intolerances, it’s common to think that both the test and the results that it’ll bring are going to be a pain, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Take a look for yourself.

How to get tested for food intolerances: 

There are a few ways that you can get tested for food intolerances and those that are probably the ones that cause you the most concern. They involve lab visits, diet interruptions, multiple appointments and more. However, you can also push all that away and take a look at the testing that we can offer. They’re a whole lot more convenient. 

•  Choose your testing method: You can choose between hair and blood sample testing. The method that you choose is a personal preference. Both are intended to be convenient, pain-free, and focused on at-home testing itself. You’ll also find resources on our website to help you learn about each test, which can help make the change easier. 

•  Order the right kit: When you choose how to get tested for food intolerance, you can use our website to order the correct kit and have it sent directly to your doorstep. The kit won’t take long to arrive, and it will be complete with everything that you need for accurate testing and results.

•  Follow the instructions and mail the kit back: After the kit arrives, you’ll receive helpful instructions and everything you need for the test itself. Follow the instructions carefully, and then package up the samples as instructed to mail the kit back to our lab. Once it arrives for testing, you’ll receive your comprehensive results back in less than two weeks directly to your email address provided. 

•  Receive and read your results: In getting your results, you’ll find that they are specific, personalized and designed to help you understand not only the test and its findings, but also make realistic changes to your life. After all, the results are only the first step to the ways your life may need to change or adapt. 

•  Adjust your diet accordingly: It may take some time and practice to learn how to adjust your diet long-term. This process is intended to be as smooth as possible, but it’s important to be patient with yourself as well as those around you when this shift is happening.

 It’s nice to remember that sometimes life really can be as easy as a food intolerance test and its results. Neither painful or requiring an upheaval in your life, you can get tested for food intolerances and receive helpful results and advice on how to change your life, all without feeling that you need a change every little aspect of it in order to accommodate the intolerance.