5 ways to help you relax on Labour Day | Food Intolerance | Test Your Intolerance Canada

How are you celebrating Labour Day? Are you having a big party? We bet you are! Have you thought about you potentially having a food intolerance? Have you catered accordingly? If not, we can help you. ? Read below to see our 5 ways to help you relax on Labour Day. 

With Labour Day literally just around the corner, you are most likely celebrating with your friends and family. Are you excited? Yes. Are you worried you might not make it through the day? Yes. Is it because you often feel lethargic, bloated or break out in spots? If so, you may have a food intolerance. Take a look below at our tips to help you sit back and relax on Labour Day.

1) Take a food intolerance test

It sounds simple, and it is. A food intolerance test will help you recognise exactly what your intolerances are, meaning you will know what items to avoid ingesting so that you can enjoy your holiday in peace. At Test Your Intolerance, we use a sample of your hair to test against both food and non-food items, and we then send you a comprehensive report of your results. These results highlight the specific items which you are intolerant to.

2) Do an Elimination Diet

The good news is that intolerances can be managed and dealt with. The bad news? An intolerance test may well indicate that you have a food intolerance to a particular item. In this case, you will have to avoid the particular food and see if your symptoms decrease. Want an example? If you are found to have a seafood intolerance, then you will have to avoid seafood at all costs. Once you have done this, your symptoms will subside and eventually after the recommended 6-8 weeks, you will be able to reintroduce seafood to your diet.??

3) Spread the word

Everybody loves getting together on Labour Day. We all get together and have the best time, but some of us cannot cope and have to leave early. This is because we may have eaten something that we shouldn’t have. If you are found to have a food intolerance after taking one of our tests, we suggest you let everybody know. Your friends will understand if you are intolerant to dairy or other foods, just make sure you tell them in advance.

you can have a food intolerance to a wide range of items

4) Look closely at what you are eating

When going grocery shopping, make sure you look closely at the products you are purchasing. This is because there is always a mixture of ingredients and what may look nice on the outside won’t necessarily be good for you on the inside. If you’ve taken a test to find out your intolerances, then you’ll know exactly what to look out for! A useful tip is to try and cook homemade meals rather than buy processed foods.

5) Recommend your friends do the same

Are your friends exhibiting the same symptoms as you after consuming food? They too may have a food intolerance. The good thing is that we offer couples and family tests, meaning you can get tested with them after recommending them. Those nights out and celebrations may just get a whole lot better if everybody has been able to identify their food intolerances.

So, you want to take an intolerance test? Simply log on to www.testyourintolerance.ca and order a test today! If you’re unsure which test suits you best, then have a chat with our customer service advisors, all of who will be delighted to help you out.