How Food Intolerance Testing Could Help You Slim Down For The Summer - Test Your Intolerance

We all want to look our absolute best, and a huge part of that for most adults is the idea of slimming down a size or two. It also means preparing yourself to be your best, healthiest version possible. An often neglected component to that full picture is going to be food intolerance testing. While it may not seem as important as grabbing those weights or heading out for a run, you’d be surprised just how many negative symptoms an undiagnosed food intolerance could be causing.

Food intolerance testing perks for your weight

There’s a strong connection between intolerances and your health. Since your health and your weight go hand in hand, understanding how to control your health will help you to slim down and be the best version of yourself.

  • Intolerances can cause bloating: When your stomach can’t digest something effectively, it will back itself up in order to laboriously process the food through. This means that everything has to sit in your stomach and wait to break down. Your stomach will bloat in an effort to make room for everything. Even if you are slim and toned, stomach bloating can leave you feeling insecure and uncomfortable.
  • You may have nutritional deficits due to food avoidance: Since intolerances can cause us to get into food ruts in order to prevent symptoms. You could actually become deficient in minerals and nutrients, which will negatively impact your nutrition overall. Getting your diet back in your control will help you to enjoy a healthier lifestyle, and you’ll find slimming down much easier.
  • Intolerances could be making your post-workout soreness even worse: If you find that you are especially sore after even mild workouts, it could be a symptom of a food intolerance. Joint pain and muscle soreness are common symptoms of a food intolerance and, once eliminated from your diet; you’ll be able to burn those calories and know that you aren’t going to feel like you’re dying afterwards.
  • Food intolerances can be severe: While a lot of people can “enjoy” mild or moderate intolerances, there are severe ones out there. The more severe the intolerance, the stronger the reaction is going to be. So bloating and joint pain, etc., could happen from a few bites of the problem food. Food intolerance testing will tell you what your “dangerous” foods are.
  • Better understanding means better health: The last thing to think about as far as a perk for slimming down is that understanding your body and its needs equips you to take better care of it. The better care you take care of it and yourself, the healthier you’ll be. This will inevitably lead to weight loss and you’ll b able to know that you are losing weight at a healthy pace and that you aren’t compromising your health in order to do it.

While getting food intolerance testing won’t fix all of life’s problems or necessarily all of your health concerns, it can really help you to understand any potentials weaknesses, how big or small they are, and, most importantly, how to deal with them.