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Donna Mastriani-Taylor, S.N.H.S. Dip.

Nutritionist / Care Manager

Donna has a diploma in Advanced Holistic Nutrition and 10 years customer service experience so is perfect as the Customer Care Manager, who manages the 24/7 team for global support.

Posts by Donna Mastriani:

5 Unexpected Symptoms of Magnesium Deficiency

It seems impossible to always know what your body needs and when, which is often why there are a lot of people who find that they are dealing with a deficiency in one vitamin or another. Most people lack in calcium, vitamin c and vitamin d, but magnesium deficiency is another common problem that can […]

Gluten Free Image

The Pros and Cons of a Gluten Free Diet

There are a lot of fad diets out there these days thanks to the wonderful far-reaching access of the internet. With all of these new options, however, a lot of people are becoming understandably concerned about which diets are actually recommended versus which ones are just fashionable and nothing more. One of the more popular […]

Foods to Avoid With IBS

There are a lot of people out there living with IBS ever single day. Quite a few of those people may not even know that they are dealing with IBS, as it often gets misdiagnosed as a food intolerance or another digestion-related condition. If you know or suspect that you might be dealing with IBS, […]

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3 Reasons You Need to Stop the Feeling of Fatigue

If you find yourself feeling dragged out all of the time, you certainly are not alone.  More and more people find themselves permanently exhausted.  When it comes to fatigue, its potential causes and reasons why you need to kick it in the butt, here’s what you should know. Common causes of fatigue: While this is […]

Going on holiday with a food allergy

A holiday should be a fun time to enjoy some much-needed R and R with loved ones.  However, a food allergy can sometimes dampen the festivities. Despite the fact that the person cannot control their allergies or how they react to something, it can be a common frustration when travellers need to leave certain places […]

Your food sensitivities analysis

What is a food sensitivity? Food sensitivity/intolerance symptoms happen when the body has difficulty digesting a particular food. This can lead to symptoms like bloat, headaches, fatigue and uncomfortable bowels. Having food sensitivities can cause food sensitivity symptoms such as nausea. Unfortunately, if you suffer from a food intolerance, then it can also cause indications […]